Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society 41: 101-105, doi: 10.3897/jbgs.2019.41.18
The painting – unproven or little-known talent of professor Anastas Ishirkov
expand article infoPelo Mihaylov
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Prof. Anastas Ishirkov, apart from a remarkable scientist, was also a good writer. Only recently did it become known that he was among the first tourists to have climbed Cherni Vrah in August 1894. The object of the article is Ishirkov's other talent – painting. A small drawing on a postcard is testified to him. An unknown archivist considers Anastas Ishirkov as its creator. Because of this, in the only one account to his authorship the adjective ’unproven’ is used. And his pictorial talent, albeit a little, is already known, as the watercolor have already been seen by a considerable number of people. The drawing is a seal of a lifetime of Bulgarian students in Leipzig. Memorable texts testify that an important part of the student's being was formed by the picnics on Sunday in the vicinity of the city. Among the characters of the painting are the poet Pencho Slaveikov, the lawyer Joseph Fadenhecht, the author of the Bulgarian anthem Tsvetan Radoslavov and Ishirkov himself. Two pictures also show the recipient of the card – Ivan Ivanchev from Lovech. It is possible that unsigned cartoons in the humorous newspaper „Farkat List“ are also the result of the drawing talent of Anastas Ishirkov.
Anastas Ishirkov, painting, postcard, Leipzig, Bulgarian students