Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society 43: 9-15, doi: 10.3897/jbgs.2020.43.2
Territorial features and dynamics in the water quality change in the Topolnitsa and Luda Yana rivers
expand article infoKristina Gartsiyanova, Marian Varbanov, Atanas Kitev, Stefan Genchev, Stela Georgieva
‡ NIGGG - BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
Open Access
In this article the current changes in the water quality of rivers Topolnitsa and Luda Yana have been analyzed and evaluated. The river basins are under the significant anthropogenic impact of various origins and nature. The main sources of pollution, the emitted substances and the spatiotemporal features of the change of the water quality are determined. Several indices for complex assessment of river waters have been used to assess the status of water - (Water Quality Index - Canada; Water Pollution Index - Russia; Chemical Index for River Water Quality (CJ) - Germany).
water contamination, pollutants, water quality indices, anthropogenic impact, river waters