Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society 44: 3-5, doi: 10.3897/jbgs.e68981
Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society: the new vision and perspectives
expand article infoStoyan Nedkov, John Pickles§, Kliment Naydenov|, Hristina Prodanova
‡ National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria§ University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, United States of America| Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Sofia, Bulgaria
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The Journal of Bulgarian Geographical Society was the first scientific geographical journal in the country established in 1933. During the long period of its development, it became a leading journal for publishing scientific results in geography and related interdisciplinary fields in Bulgaria. Geography of the 21st century is expected to contribute to the development of human capital and the knowledge society, to offer place-specific solutions for sustainable regional development and use of the planet’s natural and human capital. One of the main goals of the Bulgarian Geographical Society is to stimulate the geographic community to search for smart spatial solutions which can contribute to meet the challenges of modern society. The Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society will contribute to the achievement of this goal by providing a platform for scientists in the main fields of geography and the interrelated sciences as well as decision-makers, and the interested public to share their knowledge in an efficient and open manner. In these days of continuous speeding up of paces of work and life, the idea of facilitating the sharing of existing knowledge in order to create synergies, new knowledge, and innovation is more than timely and our journal can join the efforts to achieve these goals.
Journal of Bulgarian Geographical Society, periods, perspectives