90th anniversary: First announcement

01 March 2023

Come, join our celebrations!!!

For our 90-th anniversary this year, we will share 90 posts covering all published issues after 1933 and telling who the editors were. We will meet you with some of the most active authors in recent years, who will explain about their research experiments and findings. Finally, we will give you an overview of the leading academic data bases, which index and archive the published papers in our journal.

When to expect the posts?

-> each Monday - "Meet the editor" post, starting on 6 March;

-> each Wednesday - "Editor's choice" post, starting on 8 March;

-> every second Friday - "Meet the author" post, starting on 10 March;

-> every fourth Friday - "JBGS indexes" post, starting on 24 March.

Register in our website (https://jbgs.arphahub.com/), and set up notifications about the most recently published papers, news, and open topical collections: https://jbgs.arphahub.com/. This way you will receive a newsletter on dayly, weekly on monthly basis as you prefer to. Check out the ARPHA manual for detailed description on how to set that in your user profile: https://arphahub.com/manual


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