VIDEO: Thoughts and experience in quality publishing

18 May 2023

Members of the Editorial Board, Subject Editors, Reviewers and Authors shared their thoughts and experience in quality publishing process during this year's Bulgarian event for GeoNight (Night of Geography)! The event was organized by the Editorial board of the Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society (JBGS) and the Young Ecosystem Services Specialists (YESS) - a subnetwork of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP). The event is part of a series of celebrations and events on the occasion of the 90-th anniversary of the JBGS!

The event called "Meet the author" surpassed the original idea of an evening with the JBGS authors, and turned into a much bigger and engaging event discussing the full life-cycle of the manuscripts - from editing and reviewing to publication. Invited experts and early-career researchers were interviewed by the Managing Editor (Hristina Prodanova), and the Deputy-Editor-in-Chief (Stoyan Nedkov) presented the journal background and contemporary development. All recordings were video-edited and published as a documentary describing the history of the journal, the editorial proces, the review proces and selected papers. Prominent editors and reviewers from Bulgaria and abroad (Germany, United Kingdom, France) shared their vision about the #DO-s and #DONT-s in the quality academic publishing. Early-career researchers from the YESS network experienced in reviewing and authoring original papers shared the challenges they faced. Two articles published in JBGS in the last two years were presented as video abstracts - a pioneering activity for the publishing proces in the field of Geography in Bulgaria.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the experts who spent their time in supporting the event: Benjamin Burkhard, Mariyana Nikolova, Chad Staddon, Rositsa Yaneva, Elka Dogramadjieva, Borislav Grigorov, Nina Kaiser, Dimitar Zhelev, Kiên Phạm, Vanya Stoycheva, Eugenia Sarafova and Gergana Petkova.

The documentary is available for watching at the official YouTube channel of the JBGS here:

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- The Editorial Board

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