Brainstorming on quality publishing, journal integrity and development

23 February 2024

On Wednesday, 21 February 2024 our editorial team met to brainstorm on quality publishing, journal integrity, and development. Members of the Editorial Board, Subject Editors, Copy and Layout Editors as well as key representatives of our technology provider Pensoft Publishers discussed journal performance for the past three years and ways of improvement where necessary. A very central part of the discussion was covered by questions on the recent updates to the editorial policy and agreement on a minimum criterion for processing newly submitted manuscripts.

Editor-in-Chief John Pickles highlighted that the journal emerged to become a very high-standard journal and he thanked his deputies and all the subject editors for putting great efforts into that:

"It's delightful to see so many of us together! As you all know, the journal has been moving very quickly to a very high standard, and it is a very exciting project driven in particular by Stoyan and Hristina's effort and all the support of many of you. ...and that support is critical of course, and I think that's one of the purposes of a meeting like this - is to thank you too for writing, and for reviewing and contributing in various ways to what has become a very high-quality journal", said JBGS' Editor-in-Chief Prof. John Pickles.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Stoyan Nedkov gave an overview of the journal's background and challenges solved in recent years and introduced the main goal of the editorial policy. The Managing Editor Hristina Prodanova presented detailed information and statistics on journal performance, educational, training, and promotional activities. She raised four key questions to be discussed among the Editorial team. The meeting continued with an intensive exchange of editorial experience and a very productive discussion on further steps to be taken in journal development.

More information on the newly adapted editorial policy is going to be released within the next weeks.

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